About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how Play4adollar Games got its start.


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Our story

Play4adollargames.com is a company that was created out of frustration from raising three very active children. There were times when I would have to sell candy for the track team, popcorn for the school, and candles for the dance team. Being in the workforce, this additional never-ending sales job was overwhelming and downright time consuming. There was a time when my coworkers even called me the mobile shopping network.

After years of selling (with my oldest in her 20’s) I wanted to come up with a way to raise money that was easy and hassle free. This gave birth to play4adollargames.com! No more carrying around an inventory of candy, no more filling out paperwork with item numbers, no more collecting money with the promise of getting orders in a few weeks. Just a few easy steps and the school, church, little league team, or organization of your choice is raising money with the click of a mouse.